District Partners

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Progress Testing’s District Partners



In Progress Testing’s 17 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of school districts, and still do. Our district partners across the Southeast — and the nation — use our formative assessment materials to create high-quality tests for all tested subjects and grade levels. Our test item banks are used to create formative, interim, and summative tests, amongst many other assessment types.

If you’d like to talk with other education professionals who have experience working with Progress Testing, we would be happy to provide you with contact information.

We work with districts of every size. Some of our clients are listed below.

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  • RCPS-logo
  • Atlanta Public Schools logo


  • Bulloch County Schools (Bulloch, GA)
  • Hillsborough County Public Schools (Hillsborough, FL)
  • Orange County Public Schools (Orlando, FL)
  • Houston Independent School District (Houston, TX)
  • Dallas Independent School District (Dallas, TX)
  • Fort Worth Independent School District (Ft. Worth, TX)