Editorial Process

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Progress Testing’s Editorial Process



The content-development team at Progress Testing consists of psychometricians and educational professionals from across the disciplines, as well as expert editors, item writers, graphic artists, and subject-area specialists. We follow a comprehensive editorial process to ensure the rigor and accuracy of our items.

In addition, our sales and marketing departments routinely provide the content-development team with customer feedback and suggestions to help us improve every aspect of our assessment services. We know the pivotal role that testing plays in our system of education, and we believe the hard work we put into our items offers teachers, students, and schools the opportunity to glean reliable and valid insights into teaching and learning.

Progress Testing Editorial Process



Universal Design at Work in the GSE ReadiBank


The application of universal design principles ensures that items are usable for the greatest number of test takers, including students with disabilities and nonnative speakers of English. To support the goal of providing access to all students, the GSE ReadiBank maximizes readability, legibility, and compatibility with accommodations, and also includes a review for potential bias and sensitivity issues.

Progress Testing trains both internal and external reviewers to revise test items, allowing for the widest possible range of student participation. Item writers must attend to the best practices suggested by universal design, including, but not limited to:

  • reduction in wordiness;
  • avoidance of ambiguity;
  • selection of reader-friendly construction and terminology; and
  • consistently applied concept names and graphic conventions.



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