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1-2-3 Pricing

GSE ReadiBank 1-2-3 Pricing

The more you buy, the more you save.

GSE ReadiBank now offers three solutions for school districts:

District Item Bank (secure) | Teacher Item Bank (NEW!) | Test Development (NEW!)


  • Customize to Fit Your District’s Needs by Choosing
  • 1 solution = $2.00
    2 solutions = $2.50
    3 solutions = $3.00
  • Price calculated on grades 1-10 district enrollment
  • All items aligned to the GSE
  • 1,000s of Technology-Enhanced items
  • Coverage for all tested ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies standards for all grades
  • Items available via your district’s assessment platform
  • Test development for your district based on our ReadiTests testlets
  • *Custom test development to district blueprints is not included in our 1-2-3 pricing. Please contact us for more information on custom test development.
  • Call 800-930-TEST to Order or Learn More


  • Compare Us to Others
  • Two of Our banks = $2.50
  • Competitor A = $3.00 to $5.00

    For one CCSS Bank= $3.00
    For one NGSS Science Bank= $5.00

    Competitor B = $1.50

    For one CCSS Bank with some Science and Social Studies items

    Competitor C = $2.00 to $3.75

    For one CCSS Bank plus correlated Science and Social Studies items

    Buy two from our competitors? Lowest cost = $3.50 for two banks!

Our GSE ReadiBank formative assessment bank is licensed to school districts on an annual basis for unlimited use within the district at a very affordable price per student.

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