Social Studies

GSE Social Studies Test Items

GSE Social Studies

Grades 3-8, US History, Economics




GSE ReadiBank Social Studies items are crafted to address the specific needs of Georgia educators and students, emphasizing Georgia culture, history, and geography.

ALL items within the GSE ReadiBank are created specifically to assess the Georgia Standards of Excellence with the focus, depth, and rigor of the Georgia Milestones.

Use our items to progress monitor throughout the school year.


GSE ReadiBank Social Studies:

Emphasizes evaluating historical sources and drawing evidence-based conclusions

Item bank ready for the transition to the GSE during the 2017-2018 school year

Assesses the understanding of historical events from subjective contemporary viewpoints, as well as modern objective interpretations

Requires interpreting historical and current events and how they affect the student, the local community, and the United States

Incorporates primary and secondary source material, maps, diagrams, and other graphics

Assesses all Georgia Standards of Excellence and grade levels tested on the GA Milestones